VDV-Schrift 154 Noise Caused by Urban Rail Vehicles [PDF Datei]

VDV-Schrift 154 Noise Caused by Urban Rail Vehicles [PDF Datei]
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VDV-Schrift 154 Noise Caused by Urban Rail Vehicles [PDF Datei]
VDV-Schrift 154 Noise Caused by Urban Rail Vehicles [PDF Datei]

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VDV-Schrift 154 Noise Caused by Urban Rail Vehicles [eBook im pdf-Format]


Ausgabe: 10/11


Noise Caused by Urban Rail Vehicles englische Version Ausgabe 10/11 Railbound transport systems are characterised by high performance, economic efficiency and environment-friendliness. For physical-technical reasons, especially due to the fact that steel wheels are operated on steel rails, some noise is always emitted by the operation of rail vehicles. However, it is the objective of vehicle and track engineering to keep these noise emissions as low as at all possible. This Recommendation, which has been prepared in consideration of the above aspects, is intended for employees of transport companies and related companies who are in charge of the planning, construction and operation of urban rail systems. It provides an overview of the important noise issues within urban rail (i.e. tramways, light rail systems and metros) so that the employees do not have to spend so much time reading the literature. An important subject is the permissible noise emissions of new vehicles and the relevant tests. The following subjects are mainly being discussed: ? development of noise, ? recommendations on maximum level values in requirements specifications, ? measurement and calculation of noise emissions and immissions ? measures for reduction of noise on the vehicle and the track. This VDV Recommendation goes into detail with noise issues concerning the vehicle and the interaction between the vehicle and the track. It focusses especially on the noise emission. As regards the maximum noise levels for the development of noise particular attention was paid to ensuring that they are realistic and in step with actual practice. A compilation of the relevant regulations and definitions of important acoustic terms is to make the practical handling of this Recommendation easier. This VDV Recommendation, which was published for the first time in 2002, has now been revised and updated to consider new knowledge and to adapt it to the present state of the art. It has now been published in an updated and supplemented version.

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